A pump and pouch with special fitment for a greener and more profitable business.

smartDISPENSE, an EFCO brand innovation

In partnership with Server Products, Inc., EFCO has developed a ground-breaking bottle pump and pouch system that can dispense anything from dessert syrups like chocolate sauce to fruity beverage flavorings like strawberry. This is a game changing solution that can easily replace how you dispense products today by increasing appeal with your customer and giving your business a bottom-line boost.

Using the pouch packaging with a special fitment from EFCO to replace plastic jugs and bottles provides a tremendous business benefit. For instance, our bottle pump and pouch system offers far better product evacuation compared with current-day pumps. Because of our special fitment, there is a super tight seal that makes it easier for the bottle pump to extract the contents. And the pouch collapses as it empties, which makes it possible to evacuate even the smallest amount of content. The bottom line is a cost savings to your bottom line. Less waste means more product utilization and ultimately more profit.

The bottle pump and pouch system is also better for the environment and fits right in with your own green initiatives. Compared with bottles and ½ gallon jugs, the pouch uses less plastic. And because the pouch collapses, there is less plastic product in your dumpster and in the landfill. It’s good for you and good for the earth.

EFCO can produce pouches with the fitment in a variety of sizes. And because the pouches allow us to pack more efficiently, there’s even a small cost savings for you. Combine that benefit with Server Products ability to customize the holding vessel with full color graphics, there may truly be no better solution than EFCO.