International Expertise

Quality now has an international flavor.

EFCO has come a long way from the days of delivering flour on a horse-drawn cart. Today our products make their way all over the globe due to our expansion in international products and export capabilities. Our proximity to New York City allows for excellent access to ports and key railroad lines that take EFCO products to places never even imagined 100-plus years ago.

In order to serve our global market we offer the following capabilities:

  • "Clean Label" Fillings and Mixes which use natural colors, certain non-GMO ingredients while also eliminating corn syrup
  • Extensive experience with international food regulations
  • Kosher and Halal certified products
  • Strong experience in international shipping and finance
  • Current business markets in Asia, Middle East, Latin America, Europe and the Caribbean
  • Development of several bakery ingredients to please international tastes and flavor preferences
  • Custom formulation of products and related support